Before You Start

Before following these instructions, you'll need to ensure your email address has an active FOCOS free trial or paid account. 

You can request a free trial through or select a paid plan

Downloading & Installing

When you've had confirmation of your WFHBOX free trial/account, you're ready to download and install the app:

  1. Visit and select either Windows or Mac download, to match your PC's operating system
  2. Once the FOCOS installer has downloaded, continue to run/open it
  3. If you're using Windows, you might be shown a security warning at this point. See 'Windows Security Warning' below for instructions on how to bypass this.
  4. Once the app has finished installing, you'll be shown the FOCOS sign-in screen
  5. Select 'FORGOT PASSWORD' at the bottom of the screen, then submit your email address
  6. If you have a FOCOS account/free trial, you'll receive an email from
  7. Use the link in this email to create your password. The link will open a new page in your internet browser.
  8. Once you've saved your new password, go back to the FOCOS app and use your email address and new password to sign in!

Adding Apps

  • Once you're signed into FOCOS, you'll be shown the FOCOS App Store
  • To add an app to your FOCOS AppBar, select the + symbol next to the app of your choice
  • You'll need to sign-in to your apps again; FOCOS is separate to your internet browser.
  • Once an app has installed, you can go back to the FOCOS App Store using the + button near the bottom of your FOCOS AppBar.
  • You can add as many apps as you like, and add the same app more than once (if you have several accounts you want to use at the same time)

FOCOS's App Store, and an empty AppBar ready for you to add your choice of apps

Reordering Apps

Customising the order of your apps in your FOCOS AppBar is easy - just drag and drop the app icons into the order of your choice.

Removing Apps

To remove an app, right-click on the app icon in your FOCOS AppBar and select 'Remove'

Managing Notifications

In your settings, you have the option to pause your app notifications indefinitely (great for meetings). You can also disable/enable notification popups to suit your preference.

Windows Security Warning

Because FOCOS is relatively new, and not sold in Microsoft's official app store, Windows pops up a security warning when you try to install FOCOS.

To bypass the warning, using Windows 10 as an example:

  1. Select 'More info' in the first screen (see below)
  2. Choose 'Run anyway' in the second screen (see below)